13 November 2014.

We are very sad to hear that Joyce Litschi has died, aged 96. Joyce was a founding member and past Chairman of the Sutton Poyntz Society, a long-standing Borough Councillor, and Mayor of Weymouth in 1980/81. She and her husband Fredy lived at Camelot in Sutton Road, a house that they made very much their own. Our village newsletter a year ago featured an article on Joyce and Fredy, when they left for a retirement home after 47 years at Camelot. Fredy is still alive, and they have a daughter Isolde and a granddaughter, both living in Australia. Our sympathies of course go at this time to the family.


We are waiting to hear details of a memorial service planned to be held at St Andrews - we will pass on the news when we hear it. Our village has much to be grateful to Joyce for, as does Weymouth more widely, and we are sure the memorial service will be very well attended.