The map below is the area for the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood, revised after the Society AGM on 14 April 2016 and approved by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council. You can zoom in to see the details of the boundary.

On the west, north and east, the boundary is drawn along the border between Weymouth & Portland Borough and West Dorset District. Note that the top eight houses on Plaisters Lane are in West Dorset - a constraint built in to the Localism Act means that these 8 houses cannot be included in the Sutton Poyntz neighbourhood.

The southern boundary does not have any obviously 'correct' line, as there is no legal or historical boundary between Sutton Poyntz and Preston - they were part of the same ecclesiastical Parish and have always been part of the same administrative unit. We have chosen a boundary close to the narrowest point of the Jordan valley, between Winslow and Rimbury, which is the line traditionally taken to separate Sutton Poyntz and Preston. The boundary has been drawn to include most of the land in the 'green wedge' - the Important Open Gap defined in the Borough's Local Plan, which separates Sutton Poyntz from Preston and thereby makes Sutton Poyntz a village.