Shaping The Future Of Our Community Together
Sutton Poyntz Place Appraisal
© Sutton Poyntz Society 2017/8 and Ordnance Survey. OS maps reproduced here under licence 100024307.
The village of Sutton Poyntz is situated three miles east of Weymouth and five miles south-east of Dorchester. It is incorporated within the Weymouth and Portland District, but lies just outside the town’s built-up area (represented by Chalbury, Preston and Seven Acres). The village is bounded to the north by Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), to the north and west by scheduled ancient monuments and is located entirely within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is also protected by a Conservation Area. This Place Appraisal has been produced by the Steering Group of the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Forum, established in 2016 to create a Neighbourhood Plan. It supports the Plan by identifying what is important about Sutton Poyntz, its setting, history, people and buildings. It presents a collective view of the village, its character and qualities and provides the foundation for the consultation process, as well as a reference point for the policies produced by the Neighbourhood Forum. SHARED VISION The community has been directly involved in creating the Place Appraisal, providing documents and images as well as offering advice, suggestions and feedback. Their collective efforts have been directed towards delivering a Neighbourhood Plan that will: Improve the quality of life for residents. Provide housing that better suits local needs. Support a thriving and friendly community. Preserve what is special. Allow the village to adapt to societal and economic changes. DESIGN STANDARDS The analysis and recommendations have been based on previous work conducted by the village, including the 1999 Sutton Poyntz Village Survey[Ref 1]  and the 2007 Sutton Poyntz Community Survey and Action Plan[Ref 2], walk-in sessions, public meetings, direct consultation, newsletters and email. Design standards should draw on national standards, including Building for Life 12 and Manual for Streets, and consider the existing Sutton Poyntz Society Planning Policies. BACKGROUND The possibility of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the village of Sutton Poyntz was first discussed in 2010 by the Sutton Poyntz Society[Ref 3], even before the Localism Act became law. As the village was not a parish, but within the Borough of Weymouth and Portland, there was uncertainty about how this could be progressed (and funded). However, by early 2016, following discussions with Council Officers, it was agreed that the Sutton Poyntz Society could (subject to certain changes in its constitution) act as a non-parish Neighbourhood Forum. The proposed Neighbourhood Area (some 100 hectares) included the village of Sutton Poyntz and adjacent farmland, bounded to the south by Preston and the slopes of Winslow Hill, to the west by the slopes of Chalbury Hill, to the north by the Ridgeway and to the east by the Osmington parish boundary (Maps 1 & 2 refer).