Shaping The Future Of Our Community Together
The village of Sutton Poyntz, looking west towards Chalbury Hill, with its iron age fort (centre), and the South Dorset Ridgeway, with its bronze age burial mounds (top right).
SETTLEMENT Sutton Poyntz is a small rural community of 217 households and 456 inhabitants[Ref 25]. The village is largely residential with a sprinkling of holiday-lets and second homes (perhaps 15 household spaces). Most houses in Sutton Poyntz are detached, with 3-4 bedrooms[Ref 26]. Over 87% of households are owner-occupied, compared to an overall 67% in Weymouth and 73% in Dorset[Ref 27]. The remaining households are mostly privately rented with almost no publicly rented accommodation. POPULATION Some 34% of the working age population is retired, compared to just 18% in Weymouth and 20% in Dorset. Of the economically active, 45% are employed full-time. Of the economically inactive, 78% are retired (compared to 55% in Weymouth and 64% in Dorset)[Ref 28]. The population of Sutton Poyntz is older than the national average (37% of residents are over age 65, compared to a national average of 16%)[Ref 29]. There are fewer residents aged under 16 (12%) than the national average (19%)[Ref 30]. A higher proportion of households (42%) are headed by an individual aged over 65 compared to Weymouth (25%) or Dorset (31%). At the same time, the number of lone parent households (5%) is substantially lower than Weymouth (10%) and Dorset (8%)[Ref 31]. Individual residents are on average as healthy, or slightly better, than the local area, with 80% of residents reporting health as ‘good or very good’, compared to Weymouth (79%) and Dorset (81%)[Ref 32].
Sutton Poyntz Place Appraisal
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