Shaping The Future Of Our Community Together
As a result of the development and planning control history described in Section 3 above, different parts of the village have taken on noticeably different characters, reflecting styles and constraints prevalent at different times. Accordingly, we have been able to divide the village into five main subdivisions, each with reasonably coherent character: The Historic core (the area of the pre-1925 village, much well- preserved although 1980s development has affected the western part of this area); West side (a mix of 1960s & 1970s extension westwards, along with infill of old market garden area since 1980); Plaisters Lane north (ribbon extension started in about 1930 and still continuing); Gateway (extension along Sutton Road started in 1930, with later infill); and Puddledock south (a highly coherent area developed on old orchards and closes in the 1960s and 80s).
The Mission Hall (immediately beyond Church Cottage on the right) is the social heart of the village.
Sutton Poyntz Place Appraisal
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