Village Calendar

The Village calendar shows one-off events and events that happen monthly or irregularly. When you first display the calendar, it will show you events for the current month, but you can control what is displayed in various ways:

  • Moving backwards or forwards in time: Click the little forward or backward arrows at the top of he calendar to move to the next month (or back to the previous month).
  • Changing the period displayed: Buttons at the top of the calendar allow you to display a list of events for the complete year, or for just one week, or just for today.
  • Displaying events just for a single venue or organisation: Events are colour-coded by location:
    • Red for the Mission Hall, Brown for the Scutt Memorial Hall, Blue for the Preston Village Hall, Green for the St Andrews Church Rooms, Grey for any other venue.
  • At the bottom of the calendar, there is a list of venues and organisations: by clicking one of the entries here, you can display the calendar just for that venue or organisation. For example, click "Preston Village Hall" to see just events at that venue. Click "All Categories" to see all events.
  • Getting more information on an event: To get more information on an event, hover over the underlined event name in the calendar. The event title, date/time and location will be displayed. You can get further information (such as contact details for the event organiser) by clicking the event name.

List of Weekly events

A separate web page contains a Weekly Events list, showing where and when the various village groups meet, and giving details for the group organisers. You can usually click the group and/or venue name to get more information.

Village events

The Village events page contains a list of the main fund-raising and social events that happen annually.