We are now issuing Newsletters in a format that should print automatically. However, a couple of Newsletters, issued in May and August 2012, did not print in booklet style without care - the following instructions allowed these two issues to be printed:

  • Double click the Newsletter file, to open it in Adobe Reader;
  • Click the Print File button (or click Print in the File menu, or type CTRL-P, or right click the document and select Print, whichever is your usual way of printing a document);
  • In the Print window, select "Booklet" under "Page Sizing & Handling". (If you do not have a "Booklet" option, you have an old version of Adobe Reader, and will need to print the Newsletter on A4 paper);
  • Make sure "Booklet subset" is set to "Both sides", and "Binding" is set to "Left";
  • If you want, set your printer to Duplex, with Orientation set to Landscape (ignore this instruction if you don't understand it);
  • Click the Print button