The following text is the Constitution of the Sutton Poyntz Society. A number of significant changes to the Constitution were agreed at the 2016 AGM; for an explanation of the changes, see the page showing the changes. Further changes were agreed by the 2019 AGM. You can also view a copy of the Constitution as it was before 2016 and from 2016 to 2019.


SUTTON POYNTZ SOCIETY - Constitution and Rules

  1. Name: The name of the Society shall be the Sutton Poyntz Society.
    1. Definition: If a Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Area is formally approved, then the word village herein will be taken to be synonymous with the Neighbourhood Area.
  2. Objects: The objects of the Society shall be promoting the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the village of Sutton Poyntz – in particular:
    1. The protection and conservation of the beauty and environment in and around the village of Sutton Poyntz in Dorset, for the benefit of people living in, working in and visiting the village;
    2. To consult with and assess the village for the purpose of deciding which are the most important aspects which it is essential to maintain and which are of lesser importance;
    3. As a result of b) to decide whether improvements are desirable and practicable in any way and to take steps to effect such improvements;
    4. To foster small businesses and industry in the village (compatible with a largely domestic environment), to encourage villagers to use their local businesses, to seek improving relations with farmers and landowners operating around the village, and to seek improved amenities for the village
    5. To liaise as appropriate with other local organisations (such as the Weymouth Civic Society, the Dorset History Network, and the Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce) in furthering the top-level objectives of the Society;
    6. To be one of the village organisations that create a sense of village community for Sutton Poyntz, producing Newsletters and the village website, running social events for and on behalf of the village, acting as an envelope organisation for village societies created by enthusiasts from time to time, and keeping old customs alive for the benefit of all;
    7. To engage in fund raising activities at such times when the committee in office may decide that these are desirable or necessary, including sponsorship by local organisations and businesses that support the Society’s objects and values;
    8. If legal ownership is required to be effected in pursuance  of c), to found a company (limited by guarantee) funded and managed by the Society.   This company shall be called Sutton Poyntz Community Interest Company and will have the same aims as the Society.
  3. Membership: Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons
    1. Resident in the village, or
    2. Working in the village or owning a business based in the village, or
    3. Representing the village as Local Councillors, or
    4. To other persons who subscribe to the objects of the Society. The number of such other members not resident in the village shall be limited in such a manner that they do not constitute a majority of the total membership.
      A list of subscribing members shall be kept by the Committee each year.
  4. Officers: The officers of the Society shall be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers will also be appointed as the Directors of the Limited Company.  Ceasing to be an officer of the Society will also be deemed to be resignation as a Director.
  5. Committee: The Committee shall consist of the officers and other members up to a maximum of twelve members (including the Officers) and a minimum of seven members (including the Officers). 50% of the Committee membership shall be necessary to provide a quorum at Committee meetings. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. All members of the committee shall become members of the Limited Company. The Committee shall be responsible for:
    1. Management of the Society’s affairs and maintenance of the Society’s accounts.  If the Society is legally approved as a Neighbourhood Forum, then the accounts pertaining to the Forum activities shall be maintained so that they can be separately examined if required.
    2. Carrying such duties as may be assigned to them by the membership at the AGM or and Special General Meeting;
    3. To seek assistance from the general body of the membership in the formation of Working Parties when the formulation of such Working Parties is desirable in the furtherance of special objects. The Committee may appoint one of their members to be responsible for the organisation of such Working Parties if they consider such an appointment necessary or desirable;
    4. To compile and circulate to all members, Newsletters at such intervals as they deem necessary to keep the members fully informed of their activities;
    5. Organisation generally of events and activities consistent with the objects of the Society;
    6. Management of Sutton Poyntz CIC and any assets held;
    7. Should the Society be designated as a Neighbourhood Forum, to appoint a Working Party, chosen to be as widely representative as possible, to plan and carry out the drafting of a Neighbourhood Plan. This Working Party shall report back regularly to the Committee, and via the Committee to Society General Meetings.
  6. Subscription: The subscription to the Society shall be per household / member per annum at such sum as may be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting at which point the annual subscription will be due.
  7. Annual General Meeting
    1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in April each year. Three weeks notice of the holding of the AGM must be given to all members of the Society. The following items must be included in the Agenda:
      1. Committee report
      2. Treasurer's report
      3. Report of Sutton Poyntz CIC
      4. Election of Officers
      5. Election of Committee
      6. Election of Independent Examiner
    2. An independently examined statement of the accounts of the Society must be available at the AGM.
    3. Nominations for the Officers and Committee Members for the ensuing year may be given to the Secretary in writing at any time before the start of the AGM and must contain the name of the candidate proposed, the proposer, the seconder and agreement of the candidate. In addition, candidates may be proposed at the AGM provided they are in attendance at the meeting. Additional committee members may be co-opted by the elected committee during the year but must be confirmed at the next AGM.
    4. All officers and committee members shall be subject to re-election at each AGM.
    5. The Chairman shall not serve a continuous period in office exceeding three years.
  8. Special General Meeting: A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called by the Chairman upon receipt, by the Secretary, of a written request signed by not less than ten members. The request must state the business required to be discussed at the SGM and this must be shown with the notice calling the meeting. The notice must be posted on the Society notice board (place where the Society normally displays notices) at least ten days prior to the date of the SGM.
  9. Modification of rules: Any proposed alterations or additions to this Constitution or its subordinate documents listed below in Paragraph 11 shall be discussed and voted upon only at the AGM or an SGM. Notice of such alterations or additions shall be given in writing to the Secretary not less than two weeks before the date of the meeting. Any such proposed alteration or addition shall be considered approved if carried by two thirds majority of those present and voted.
  10. Declaration of interest: It shall be the duty of every member who is in any way directly or indirectly interested financially or professionally in any item discussed at any meeting of the Society (including any meeting of any Committee, Sub-Committee or Working Party) at which he or she may be present to declare such interest and he or she shall not discuss such item (except by invitation of the Chairman) and he or she shall not vote thereon.
  11. Other documents: The Committee shall act on behalf of the Society in accordance with policies and processes declared in a Data Protection Policy, an Equal Opportunities Policy and a Code of Conduct; these documents shall be drafted or amended by the Committee and approved by General Meeting.
  12. Winding up: The Society may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority of members voting at an Annual General Meeting or Special General meeting of the Society confirmed by a simple majority of members voting at a further Special General Meeting held not less than 14 days after the previous meeting. If a motion for the dissolution of the Society is to be proposed at an Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting this motion shall be referred to specifically when notice of the meeting is given. In the event of the dissolution of the Society, the available funds of the Society shall be transferred to such one or more charitable institutions having objects similar or reasonably similar to those herein before declared as shall be chosen by the Executive Committee and approved by the meeting of the Society at which the decision to dissolve the Society is confirmed. On dissolution the records of the Society shall be deposited with the Dorset History Centre.