Shaping The Future Of Our Community Together
This Place Appraisal has been written in 2017 and 2018 by the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, working for the Sutton Poyntz Sociey in its role as Neighbourhood Forum. This document is an important part of the document package supporting the Neighbourhood Plan itself; it describes the village as it is now, explains how it came to be that way, and identifies a number of challenges and opportunities for the future development of the village. Sutton Poyntz is a vibrant community with a good social life and a great record of collecting money to support charities, both local and national. It is a rare mix of rural location with immediate access to towns. It is much visited, and loved by visitors for the close relationship between beautiful village and stunning Dorset countryside. The people who live in the village acknowledge how fortunate they are, and are determined to pass the village on to their successors in as good a state as they have received it.
Sutton Poyntz Place Appraisal
Sutton Poyntz Village Victorian Street Fayre
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