LATEST NEWS - 14th February 2020 - The Referendum was held on Thursday 13th February. The turnout was 47.4%, and 81% of those voting voted YES (153 people voting YES and 34 voting NO). As a result the Neighbourhood Plan was MADE (i.e. put into effect) by Dorset Council at their meeting on 5th May 2020.



A Referendum on the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan was held on Thursday 13th February 2020. This allowed all those on the electoral roll living within the Neighbourhood Area to decide whether to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan. Polling cards were sent out by Dorset Council, with details of how people could vote. We hoped that as many as possible would choose to vote, for or against the Neighbourhood Plan. If a majority of votes were in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan, the Plan would be 'made' by Dorset Council, and would then become part of the Planning Policy for the Neighbourhood Area.

The Neighbourhood Plan passed its External Examination in October 2019. Some changes to the Neighbourhood Plan document were required, and were done to produce a FINAL version of the Neighbourhood Plan document, which is the version that local people were invited to vote on. This version was available for reading at Littlemoor Library, the Weymouth Town Council Offices, and South Walks House in Dorchester. It is also available to download below, or on the relevant Dorset Council webpage.

The key document which local people were asked to vote on is:

The Neighbourhood Plan was inspected and approved by an Independent Examiner, whose Report is available here:

The other documents that were published by Dorset Council along with the above two documents are:



Alongside the Plan, there were a number of other documents which were produced by or for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to provide evidence for the Planning Policies in the Neighbourhood Plan. These are as follows: