The Society Constitution was amended significantly at the 2016 AGM, partly to recognise the existence of Sutton Poyntz Ltd which had been created to own the land at the top of the pond, and partly to allow the Society to write a Neighbourhood Plan for Sutton Poyntz. Another page shows the current Constitution.

The following is a copy of the Constitution as it was before April 2016.


SUTTON POYNTZ SOCIETY - Constitution and Rules

  1. Name: The name of the Society shall be the Sutton Poyntz Society.
  2. Objects: The objects of the Society shall be:
    1. To maintain the natural beauty of the village of Sutton Poyntz and its surroundings;
    2. In furtherance of a), to consult with the planning Authorities of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and Dorset County Council, in so far as such consultation may be practical and agreeable to those authorities;
    3. To make a study of the village for the purpose of deciding which are the most important aspects which it is essential to maintain and which are of lesser importance;
    4. As a result of c) to decide whether improvements are desirable and practicable in any way and to take steps to effect such improvements;
    5. To maintain liaison with the Weymouth Civic Society and The Campaign to Protect Rural England in order to foster the general objects of those bodies and to secure their backing for the objects of the Sutton Poyntz Society;
    6. To provide social and informative meetings for the benefit of the village as a whole, and to keep old customs alive for the benefit of all;
    7. To engage in fund raising activities at such times when the committee in office may decide that these are desirable or necessary.
  3. Membership: Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons resident in the village and to other persons who subscribe to the objects of the Society. The number of members not resident in the village shall be limited in such a manner that they do not constitute a majority of the total membership. A list of subscribing members shall be kept by the Committee each year.
  4. Officers: The officers of the Society shall be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. Committee: The Committee shall consist of the officers and other members up to a maximum of twelve members (including the Officers) and a minimum of seven members (including the Officers). Seven members shall be necessary to provide a quorum at Committee meetings (five members for a committee size of ten members or less. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Committee shall be responsible for:
    1. Carrying such duties as may be assigned to them by the membership at the AGM or and Special General Meeting;
    2. Appointing such of their members as they think fit to consult with the Planning Authorities (see Rule 2b);
    3. To seek assistance from the general body of the membership in the formation of Working Parties when the formulation of such Working Parties is desirable in the furtherance of special objects. The Committee may appoint one of their members to be responsible for the organisation of such Working Parties if they consider such an appointment necessary or desirable;
    4. To compile and circulate to all members, Newsletters at such intervals as they deem necessary to keep the members fully informed of their activities;
    5. Organisation generally of events and activities consistent with the objects of the Society.
  6. Subscription: The subscription to the Society shall be per household per annum at such sum as may be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting.
  7. Annual General Meeting
    1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in April each year. Three weeks notice of the holding of the AGM must be given to all members of the Society. The following items must be included in the Agenda:
      1. Chairman's report
      2. Secretary' s report
      3. Treasurer's report
      4. Election of Officers
      5. Election of Auditors
    2. An audited statement of the accounts of the Society must be available at the AGM.
    3. Nominations for the Officers and Committee Members for the ensuing year should be given to the Secretary not later than one week before the AGM and must contain the name of the candidate proposed, the proposer, the seconder and agreement of the candidate. In addition, candidates may be proposed at the AGM provided they are in attendance at the meeting. Additional committee members may be co-opted by the elected committee during the year but must be confirmed at the next AGM.
    4. All officers and committee members shall be subject to re-election at each AGM.
    5. The Chairman shall not serve a continuous period in office exceeding three years.
  8. Special General Meeting: A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called by the Chairman upon receipt, by the Secretary, of a written request signed by not less than ten members. The request must state the business required to be discussed at the SGM and this must be shown with the notice calling the meeting. The notice must be posted on the Society notice board (place where the Society normally displays notices) at least ten days prior to the date of the SGM.
  9. Modification of rules: Any proposed alterations or additions to the Rules or Constitution shall be discussed and voted upon only at the AGM or an SGM. Notice of such alterations or additions shall be given in writing to the Secretary not less than two weeks before the date of the meeting. Any such proposed alteration or addition shall be considered approved if carried by two thirds majority of those present and voted. Rule 3 is excepted from this provision in that it may not be altered or added to except by a majority of the whole membership.