Click one of the areas in the map to find its postcode, or use the descriptions shown below.


DT3 6BX Sutton Road - the southern end, from the junction with Preston Road to numbers 26 and 23b
DT3 6BY Verlands Road
DT3 6BZ White Horse Drive
DT3 6DA Sutton Park
DT3 6DL Puddledock Lane - the southern end, including Malt Cottages up to Barleycorn Cottage
DT3 6LG Plaisters Lane - the southern end, from The Dolphins up to Fellside
DT3 6LH Sutton Court Lawns
DT3 6LJ Sutton Close
DT3 6LL Silver Street
DT3 6LN Sutton Road south of the fork with Plaisters Lane, from number 57 to the Cart Shed
DT3 6LP Sutton Road on the eastern side around the junction with Winslow Road, between numbers 30 and 42
DT3 6LQ Plaisters Lane - the northern end, from Sutton Court Lawns to the top
DT3 6LS Sutton Road on the western side around the junction with Winslow Road, between numbers 25 and the Old Police House (number 55)
DT3 6LT Waterworks Cottages
DT3 6LU White Horse Lane
DT3 6LW Sutton Road - the northern end from the junction with Plaisters Lane to the Waterworks entrance
DT3 6LY Mission Hall Lane
DT3 6LZ Puddledock Lane - the northern end from Sutton House to Briarwood (apart from the following two houses)
DT3 6NA Puddledock Lane - Chipps Cottage and The Cottage
DT3 6NB Old Bincombe Lane
DT3 6ND Sunnyfields
DT3 6NE Winslow Road
DT3 6NN Valley Close
DT3 6RL Millers Close
DT3 6RN Reynards Close
DT3 6RS Brookmead Close
DT3 6RZ Cornhill Way
DT3 6SD Rimbrow Close